What’s Hot This Week on Kickstarter?

Hi folks!  This week brings a mix of fantastic games from both Kickstarter and Gamefound.  Heroes, taverns and towers abound, so let’s take a look at what treats the Kickstarter gods are on offer!



Keep the Heroes Out -  Kickstarter

First up this week is Keep the Heroes Out, a 1-4 player cooperative, asymmetrical deck building dungeon crawler featuring adorable wooden meeples and a modular board system for dungeon exploration.  Players are monsters trying to protect  their hoards of treasure against the invading heroes, and at first glance I was drawing comparisons with the classic Dungeon Keeper video game series which has a similar theme.  Recruit monsters and dungeon denizens to fight for you, each of each brings unique abilities to help foil the pesky plans of the interloping heroes.

The game has already met its funding goals and is currently blasting through stretch goal, offering more creatures, cards and other features to further enhance Keep the Heroes Out’s appeal.  Check out the Kickstarter page here and see if you have what it takes to defend your dungeon!

Moku Tower - Kickstarter

Moku Tower is an abstract strategy and dexterity game for 2+ players from Japanese designers, Mokuomo.  This tower stacking game uses beautifully crafted wooden pieces and cards featuring a traditional Japanese art style to challenge players to stack the odd-angled pieces into a tower. 

Cards are drawn that can affect game play, from indicating the number of pieces a player must attempt to stack on their turn, to cards that encourage players to “mess” with one another, trying to distract them or disrupt their efforts.  A fun party game with gorgeously simple design elements, Moku Tower could look just as at home as a centrepiece on a coffee table as a game to be enjoyed by a group of friends. The Kickstarter campaign is running now.

Taverns & Dragons - Gamefound

In Taverns and Dragons,  2-5 players are competing against each other to assemble a feast fit for the actual king before he arrives in your humble town 7 days from now.  Players send out their minions to gather the necessary ingredients from around the land, vegetables, mushrooms, dragon eggs, all these components are required to please his majesty.

Taverns & Dragons combines dice and worker placement and features a fun fantasy art style and colourful components.  Having already met its target, Taverns & Dragons looks set to add even more content as the stretch goals continue to unlock.  Do you have anything to add to the mix?

That’s it for this week guys and gals! Thank you for joining me and I hope there was something here to interest you.  Keen to hear your thoughts on today’s crowdfunded crop of games or head on over to the Game Kings Gamers group to be part of our most excellent community of gamers!  See you next time!