Puzzles - The Best Way To Unwind

Look. Puzzles are entirely underrated. In this world of competitive gaming, constant content on social media and living through a pandemic, puzzles are a welcome respite. And forget the idea that puzzles are just for Grandma because I’m about to rock your world.

Beautiful Puzzles

Gone are the days of boring puzzles of ducks at the park (although no shade if that's you, there are still plenty of them around). These days there are puzzles for pretty much everything! Your favourite anime? Your favourite animal? Joe Exotic? Just a straight black puzzle? These all exist and they’re amazing. It's at a point where I would invest in a puzzle adhesive and a nice frame and put these things on the wall. 

Ravensburger KRYPT Black Puzzle
Hmm, I wonder why they call it Krypt 

How Many Pieces?
Puzzles have really branched out with their piece count now. Whether you want to be puzzling for minutes, hours or days there will be something for you. I recently picked up a tiny 100 piece Friends theme puzzle which I could literally put together on my desk at work. However, at my mum’s house we have a massive 3000 piece puzzle going which we work on a bit each time I visit. This also means there’s more options for kids with cute 10, 20 and 50 piece puzzles coming out all the time. If you can get your kids into puzzles early, I can promise* that they will be more chill teenagers.

*I cannot promise this.

Honestly how stinkin' cute is this!? Each piece is like...the size of my thumbnail!

Just Chill Out

Ultimately, the best part of puzzling is the process. Sitting down at the table with a hot cup of tea. Sorting your edge pieces and middle pieces. Being able to completely focus on the task at hand is something that I think we all struggle with these days but puzzling manages to hold my attention as I carefully bring the image together piece by piece. Especially with puzzles like WASGIJ where the image on the box might not necessarily be the image you’re making.

Poppy doing a puzzle with a cup of coffee
Posing? Who's posing 👀

What Are The Good Puzzles?

Call me lame but yes, I do have favourite puzzle publishers.

Holdson is a New Zealand puzzle publisher who are famous worldwide for their beautiful and well crafted puzzles. They tend to cater to the more ‘classic’ style of puzzles such as the ducks at the pond that I mentioned previously but they have a HUGE range of different themes.

Ravensburger is a world renowned puzzle publisher and makes a bunch of pop culture puzzles. Their Disney puzzle range is particularly extensive if you’re into that but their range doesn’t stop there. They have landscapes, animals, art hell even single coloured puzzles which are NOT for the faint of heart.

WASGIJ isn’t so much a publisher (they're actually produced by Holdson) but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention this popular brand. WASGIJ has puzzles which really go off course - the puzzle you end up finishing isn’t always going to be what's on the box. Their Destinies range gives you an image and the puzzle you create will be of a moment in the future. The WASGIJ  Mystery series gets you creating a puzzle depicting what happens next. Basically, they’re a bit more interesting than your average puzzle.


So, have I convinced you? If not, maybe you should go check out our massive range of puzzles and see if that changes your mind haha. But really - I can’t sing the praises of a good old puzzle enough. Great by yourself or as a family. There's puzzles for all ages. Heaps for whatever difficulty you’re looking for. Oh also did I mention there are 3D puzzles too?

Just gonna build the Hogwart's Astronomy Tower, no biggy