My New Year Gaming Resolutions - 2022 Edition

Hey folks, Happy New Year!  2022 is now upon us and with a new year come new opportunities to right some wrongs and get my gaming house in order.  To that end I’ve written some New Year resolutions to ensure I’m not doomed to repeat the mistakes of my gaming past!


From Shelf of Shame, to Hall of Heroes

Like many of you, I have a Shelf of Shame, that graveyard of good intentions and broken dreams collecting dust, looking down on me, judging me whenever it sees me bringing home a new game. I’ve spoken before about the many reasons I don’t end up getting some of these games to the table, but in 2022, I’d like things to be a little different.  I think if the past couple of years have taught me anything it’s to appreciate what I have and to make the most of it; normally such a sentiment is reserved for things like family or friends, but sometimes it can apply to something really important too, like board gaming. So this year I resolve to eradicate my Shelf of Shame entirely. 

A visual representation of me not learning how to play Root.

One rule I’ll set myself is that I have to play a game enough that I would feel comfortable teaching it to others, not just setting it up, playing a couple of rounds while watching an episode of Watch It Played then packing it in.  No sir! If I don’t feel like I actually know a game, then it’s not yet ready to graduate to my Hall of Heroes, which is my antithesis to the Shelf of Shame.  The Hall of Heroes is reserved for those rare games I can teach without ever needing to refer to the rule book.  To date there are precious few games that hold that title, but perhaps this is the year some of my collection goes from zero to hero!


Buy Less, Play More

I have kind of a reputation here at work, and at home, and among my friends, and to a few people who barely know me for being something of a reckless spender when it comes to board games. I was going to leave this entry right there actually. However, if this is to be the year of change I’ve envisioned, then it’s time I addressed this particular issue. So my resolution is this, I'll (try to) buy less new games and play more of the ones I already own.  This actually complements my previous resolution perfectly so achieving this will kill two Wingspans with one Stone Age.

You know I haven't, Wally!

Even if I were not to buy another game for the rest of my life, I’m confident I would have enough entertainment to last me to the end of my days.  So after the next game or two I buy, that’s it, I’m definitely done after another 10-18 games, so absolutely no more than about another 30 or so because I’m telling you, 50 new games in a year is my limit. You know what, let’s agree to just one new game per day, you really can’t get any lower than that!


The 12 Month Challenge

I’ve laid out this next resolution to myself in the past and it almost worked pretty well.  I set the challenge just fine, I just didn’t follow through with any of the consequences when I inevitably failed.  But whatever, that’s just details.  The resolution is thus:  I must play every game currently on my shelf at some point in the next year or I have to sell, trade, or give away any unplayed game. 

It'll be like the end of Toy Story 3, only I'd actually feel sad.

This resolution is particularly nerve wracking because I’ve actually become quite fond of my collection as it stands.  The thought of having to give up any of them is like making me choose between my two favourite cheeses, I just can’t do it! Now that I think about it, I may make a minor amendment.  How about if I have to read the rule book of every game I own. That should at least increase the chances of me getting them to the table, no? Ah, alright, fine!  Play ‘em or lose ‘em then!


Broaden My Horizons

Since joining the team at Game Kings, I’ve had the privilege of being introduced to a lot more games than I would have otherwise.  As such, I’ve taken a few more risks when it comes to trying new games.  Previously I stuck to what I knew, namely miniatures heavy, big box dungeon crawlers and the like. Now, however, I’ve dipped my toes into so many more genres of games from deck builders and social deduction games to roll & writes and card games. 

A new Root Expansion you say?  Don't mind if I do!

Some were hits, others hard misses, but I don’t regret trying a single one of them.  I learned something new from each experience and I felt like I refined my tastes and became more open minded towards the games others played and why they enjoyed them. Except Monopoly, which has never failed to be an outdated, tedious, cheaply produced, miserable excuse for a game, but other than that, yes, I'm quite a lot more tolerant.  But I feel I can go further.  Therefore, I resolve to try out as many new games as time allows in 2022.  We’re set to see a huge number of new releases this coming year.  Let’s just hope the worldwide shipping issues calm down a bit so we can actually get them!



So there they are! A few New Year resolutions I can look forward to completely forgetting on February 1st!  Do you have any resolutions of your own for this year?  I’d love to hear all about them! So please feel free to drop a comment below or over on our Game Kings Gamers page where you can join our incredible, fast growing community of gamers. Until next time, throw a blanket over your own shelf of shame, out of sight out of mind right?