Koha for Kura Rollout - The Culmination of a Dream

Hey folks! This week, each school around the country will receive a free copy of our Te Reo game, Takaro as the result of our Koha for Kura programme.  We’re super proud to make this happen as it’s been a long term goal of Game Kings to get this out to as many people as possible.  How did this journey begin? Back when Takaro was first created, Ben and Eliot, the Kingliest of Game Kings, knew they wanted to get copies into every school in the country.  The question was, how?  

Takaro, coming soon to every school near you!

One day our plucky young heroes were spitballing in the Game Kings warehouse and the phrase Koha for Kura came up, the original buy-one-gift-one concept was to sell enough copies of Takaro to get a copy into every single school in Aotearoa.  While Koha for Kura chugged along happily enough in the background, it unfortunately fell short of its original intent.  But Ben and Eliot wouldn’t give in to defeat! The goal was too important for them to let it slide, so they decided to cover the cost of the initiative themselves.

It was all hands on deck when it came time to pack!

All of us here at Game Kings believe in this game and we want to support our tamariki and give everyone the opportunity to play and learn from Takaro.  Therefore the decision was made to go ahead and donate the games regardless of the final outcome of Koha for Kura.  As a result, this past week or so has been a very busy time for our warehouse staff. And in case you’re wondering what 2,600 packaged Takaro look like, here ya go!

Eliot and the crew wave goodbye to the first shipment of Takaro heading out to schools.

Each one has been hand packaged and each school will receive a random copy of Takaro from our three current titles, Takaro, Takaro: Bits & Bobs and Takaro: Into the Wild.  We weren’t alone in this endeavour, NZ Post stepped up to the plate and covered most of the shipping costs, as such, we can’t thank them enough for supporting this initiative! We’d also like to thank all who have supported us in bringing this long standing goal to fruition. Finally, our biggest thank you goes out to all our amazing customers, our Game Kings Gamers and the New Zealand gaming community. You guys are the real heroes!