Hidden Gems - Wild Space by Joachim Thôme

Hey everyone,  We’re back this week with another Hidden Gem.  For those who aren’t familiar with this column, Hidden Gems is a place where games that perhaps don’t receive the recognition they may deserve can have a chance to be discovered by a broader audience.  To that end, today I’ll be looking at Wild Space by Joachim Thôme with illustrations by Amélie Guinet.

Wild Space is described as a tactical card game for 1-5 players where anthropomorphic animals are exploring a newly discovered galaxy at the outer reaches of their Empire.  Players choose their captains and head out into deep space to search for new planets, gather resources, recruit new crew members and robots all in an effort to enrich themselves and become the victor.

Players try to create combos of cards allowing them to rack up actions, bonuses and points on their turns.  The gameplay is uncomplicated, and has a forgiving learning curve, so it should prove to be a solid choice for a family game night.  Listed as being suitable for ages 10+ seems about right though younger players may struggle with some of the tactical complexities.  Each turn comes down to following either of two actions, either drawing a card or playing a card to your crew. As the game progresses, more combos begin to emerge allowing for more powerful turns.  So in a given turn you may be able to draw more than one card, or be rewarded a handful of points rather than just one or two.  

The artwork of Wild Space is excellent, with the game embracing its space animals theme, taking the concept just seriously enough so as not to appear too cartoony. The colour palette is subdued while remaining colourful and really draws the eye and the spaceship meeples are also very cool, bringing to mind the forward facing bladed wing design of the cylon ships from the reimagined Battlestar Galactica series.

Wild Space offers a fun, simple and readily replayable game experience in a lovingly produced, cost effective package.  Building and triggering combos is extremely satisfying, and the illustrations and graphic design pull players into the universe the game is attempting to bring to life. The price point makes this an ideal stocking stuffer for a board game fan or as a fun evening’s entertainment for less than the cost of a family trip to the movie theatre (remember those?). 


I hope you enjoyed this week’s hidden gem. If you have a particular game you don’t think gets enough love, let me know in the comments below or tell our fantastic community over on our Game Kings Gamers page.  Until next time, have fun and stay safe!

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