Hidden Gems - The Grizzled: Armistice Edition

Hi everyone! Welcome back.  This week we take a look at an old game made new in The Grizzled: Armistice Edition. So fix bayonets and join me on the front lines as we revisit this wonderful and often overlooked Hidden Gem!

The Grizzled is a cooperative hand management, push-your-luck game in which players are soldiers in WWI beginning at bootcamp which functions as a tutorial to the game and progressing through several major events of the war to end all wars to its final aftermath.

The first thing you’ll notice is the beautiful art style by the late French cartoonist, Tignous. The imagery depicts the style of WWI propaganda cartoons and is a perfect fit for this game of camaraderie and tragedy and warfare.  In the Armistice Edition of The Grizzled, from designers Fabien RiffaudJuan Rodriguez, publisher CMON has done what it does best by including incredible pre-painted minis representing the characters in the game.  While the minis don’t actually affect the game play, having them on the table elevates the experience, giving the game a more tactile quality than would a collection of flat cardboard.

The original game was a 2-5 player experience played as single game experiences.  This was followed up with the At Your Orders expansions which included a single player variant and included updated rules for 2 players.  The Armistice Edition incorporates the At Your Orders expansion into the base game and does away with the fifth player. While The Grizzled can still be played as a one off game, it achieves a higher level of emotional impact with the campaign play. Following your group of soldiers through their experiences and having events from past games have an ongoing impact on future scenarios is appropriate and rewarding. 

A gorgeous production of an already well received game, The Grizzled: Armistice Edition is definitely worth digging out of the trenches!

Hidden gems