Hidden Gems - Dice Miner by Joshua DeBonis & Nikola Risteski

Hi everyone! I hope this past week has found you well?  It’s been a little while since we had an entry here, but this game recently entered my field of vision and seems to check all my hidden gem boxes, so join me in taking a closer look at Dice Miner, designed by Joshua DeBonis and Nikola Risteski and published by Atlas Games.

Dice Miner is a dice drafting game for 1-4 players in which each player is a dwarf mining their mountain, hoarding treasure and clearing the tunnels of their ancient enemy, the dragons who have returned to threaten the Dwarven people.  The goal of the game is to score the highest by hoarding dice, avoiding dragons and cave ins and becoming the richest and most prosperous dwarf in the mountain.  

Each player chooses a dwarf character who has their own unique advantages and then drafts dice from the mountain, a 3D structure upon which 20 random dice are placed.  Players then roll their dice, incorporating a push your luck element. So if you don’t like randomness or luck in games, consider yourself forewarned. 

Overall the component quality is high, with well produced dice, albeit in rather dull earthy colours, so while they suit the game thematically, they don’t really catch the eye.  The 3D mountain is a fun touch and the characters offer their own take on the drafting and rolling elements.  The gameplay itself is fast paced, with an average game lasting around 20 minutes.  Dice Miner is a great game to introduce to new or younger players and makes for a great little distraction, this is further helped by offering a dedicated solo mode for those who wish to delve alone.

So that wraps up another round of Hidden Gems.  Thanks for taking the time to stop by and if you have any suggestions for a great game you feel doesn’t get it’s due attention, then please let me know in the comments below.  I hope you’ll also join myself and others in our rapidly growing gaming community on our Game Kings Gamers page.  Until next time, feel free to delve too greedily and too deep, there’s really no downside! 

Hidden gems