Hidden Gem - City Builder: Ancient World by Andrei Filip

Welcome back folks!  This week’s Hidden Gem is City Builder: Ancient World by designer Andrei Filip published by Inside Up Games, featuring artwork by Andrew Dorland.  This 1-4 players city building game tasks players with becoming magistrates of a foundling city with the aim of building and expanding the city for the glory of the Roman empire.

The aim of the game is for players to eventually build a mighty monument and to attract settlers by making their cities as desirable as possible, unlocking further points as they go in a euro-style race to victory.  Attracting settlers unlocks the points value beneath each one and the monument adds a score multiplier at the end of the game for a player’s respective city, therefore, finding a balance between expanding too slowly or too quickly is pertinent. 

City Builder: Ancient World is a tile laying game which shares similarities with other popular games of it’s ilk  The aspect that set this one apart from its brethren is the challenge found in enclosing districts by building walls around areas then building structures that use that sized area.