Gaming Under Lockdown 2.0 - You Got This!

Well, here we go again folks, Level 4 lockdown for New Zealand.  It's nothing we haven’t done before, and few populaces around the world can do it as well as we can, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get bored, frustrated or anxious staying indoors, possibly away from our friends or loved ones.  While there’s not a lot we can do about the lockdown, keeping ourselves sane and entertained is something we do have some control over. If you’re fortunate enough to have access to a few board games around the house, then now is the perfect time to get some of those more elusive titles to the table.  So, here are three quick and easy ideas for keeping those gaming muscles stretched!


Play something from your shelf of shame

Yeah, I still haven't played it.

Don’t pretend you don’t have at least one game in your collection you’ve “been meaning to get to the table” for the past few months, or years!  Why wait any longer?  I know it’s scary, maybe it seemed too daunting, or perhaps you didn’t have the time before.  Does it seem too complicated?  Maybe the initial excitement you had when you bought it has long since passed? Well, then why do you still have it?  Because deep down in the furthest reaches of your little gaming heart, you want to play it.  Its whole purpose is to be played. Did you want all those trees and… plastic... trees… to die for nothing?  No! They didn’t give up their lives so you could stare at an unopened box for years to come. Now clear the kitchen table, take that box off the shelf and get to gaming!


Come up with fun house rules or challenges for board games

Not quite what I had in mind...

If you have a few games that you’ve played to death, sometimes it’s a fun idea to shake things up a bit. Making up new rules or challenges for games you’re familiar with such as, only taking half your actions, or rolling twice and always taking the lowest result can give yourself a handicap enabling you to put your skills to the test. Board game bucket lists are also a great way to get games to the table. For example, play every game on a single shelf within the next week, or, play your favourite game three times within the next 24 hours. The possibilities are endless!


Play a digital board game

Sure Siri, what could go wrong?

For those of you who don’t own many games or have no one in your home to share them with, there are several digital and online options available to help you take your mind off things.  Sites like Board Game Arena and Tabletopia and apps such as Tabletop Simulator are both great places to engage in some virtual multiplayer board gaming.  Dozens of other popular games offer digital versions as well on PC/Mac, gaming consoles and iOS/Android devices. While no substitute for the feel of real world dice or cards in your hand, maintaining socialisation is where these options can really shine, which is particularly important during times like this. 


However you choose to game or whoever you manage to game with, remember the person across the table from you is likely feeling every bit as stressed and frustrated as you are. So, have fun, keep cool and don’t panic!