Baxter's Top Ten Self-Care Gifts

I think I've said it before but we livin' in some crazy times folks. We've got bills to pay, mouths to feed, and masks to wear (yknow, because pandemic). So we definitely all need to try make time for some self-care.

And because we're all going through this, whoever your gifting this year is sure to appreciate something that'll help them chill out, relax, unwind etc. 

THEREFORE - this is my list of great self-care gifts 💖

Self-Care Cards


Sometimes it's difficult to remember to chill out and these card decks are the perfect reminder! 

There are a bunch of different ones like 100 Yoga Poses (very calming), Stress Less cards and the Digital Detox cards which I'm sure we'd ALL benefit from. Ironic that I say this considering you're definitely on your computer/phone/tablet reading this.

These simple and 100% aesthetic decks are a great little stocking stuffer that'll get your giftee out of their own head and into a place of chill. 

Bucket List Posters


We all have a bucket list right? Places we want to go, books we want to read, movies we want to watch. And what's more fun than having an interactive poster you can pop up to show yourself and everyone else exactly what you've achieved?!

These fun bucket list posters are great for everyone with lists of 100 Wines, TV Shows, Books and (most relevant to this post) Things To Do For Your Wellbeing.

Like I said, it's very encouraging being able to actually see what you've achieved and how far you have to go to finish your bucket list and these posters do just that.

DIY Kits


If you're anything like me, you're a crafty lil fox uh...human. 

I love crafty activities because it allows me some time to myself to completely focus on a set activity and boy do I need that sometimes. And of course I end up with a really cool craft that I made with my own two paws.

This is where craft kits come in. They come with everything you need to create something awesome without you having to go out to Spotlight and buy a bunch of stuff, half of which you'll actually use and the rest which will sit in the garage making you feel guilty each time you see it.

We've got a wicked tie dye t-shirt kit which is not only great for stress relief (pretty colours!) but will leave you with the perfect summer fit.

Or you could try the bath bomb DIY kit which is a double self-care whammy with the craft activity itself AND a nice relaxing bath afterwards (or a gift for a friend who actually has a bath).

Mindfulness Brain Training Puzzles


I personally think all puzzles are great for self-care and mental health. They are relaxing but also require some logical thinking to keep you sharp. 

However I'm actually referencing a specific product here. This deck of brain training puzzles is once again, 100% aesthetic AND a great way to take time out and get that brain going.

Puzzles like this are great to achieve mental clarity and are a nice break from the stressful tasks we all encounter during the day 🥰

Bath Bombs and Yummy Smelling Soaps


Upon talking with my human co-workers, it is clear that a hot, fragrant bath is the peak of self-care (not so much when you're covered in fur).

And what do you know, we have a bunch of delicious smelling and sparkly bath bombs and other smellies which will upgrade your bathtime to EXTREME levels of relaxation.

The best part is with these yummy soaps you don't even need a bath. Just pop these in the shower for a lovely aromatic experience to wash out all those unruly stressors.

Do One Fun Thing Every Day


One thing I've really been enjoying as self-care is journalling. However, it can be hard sometimes to know what to write when your head is so full of thoughts!

There's where the Do One Fun Thing Every Day journal is great! It literally tells you what to do each day. But rather than just being some prompt like 'Write about your favourite memory' or something like that, you get to do a wide range of activities. 

Some of my favourite prompts are the ones which get me to draw something silly. I don't feel like the drawing needs to be perfect because it's just for me and its a great way to just get something out and onto paper.

Oh and it's full of great inspiring quotes to get you motivated 🤗

Wreck This Journal


Similar to Do One Fun Thing, Wreck This Journal makes journalling way more fun. i actually prefer this one because, like I said, I like the drawing prompts and this one is full of them! 

With tasks like 'Test Every Colour On This Page' and 'Scribble Wildly!' this is perfect for any artists or creative thinkers who want to experiment a bit while they journal.

Stress Toys


When you're at work it's kinda hard to take time out to journal or have a bath but its the PERFECT place for a stress toy. If you've got a lot going on and you're...well...stressed, a good satisfying squeeze often helps. 

My current favourite stress toys are the ones in the Nee Doh range. They're super soft and squishy an the big ones even act as a lovely pillow for quick desk naps (don't tell Eliot!)

OR the F***Boy Stress Toy is a hilarious and very cathartic way to get out all ya stress!

Be More Book Series


Settling down with a book is a great way to unwind but sometimes you don't have the energy to invest a big drawn out novel. 

The Be More books series from Penguin Books is a great alternative providing a short, sharp inspirational read based on some of our favourite celebs and characters.

My favourite is the Be More Keanu (because truly this man is a treasure) and not only explores Keanus many popular characters like John Wick and Neo but also delves a little into his life. 

You Got This Button


Because it's nice to be reminded that You Got This!


Christmas time adds a whole lot more stressors to an already hectic world so make sure you're taking time for yourself this holiday season and unwinding with your favourite activity.

Much aroha fam <3

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