Baxter's Top Ten Secret Santa Gifts

I feel it guys - the office person is starting to send out emails like ‘SECRET SANTA!’ and she’s trying to add rsvp buttons to it and its not working. 


Its me. I’m office person.


But let’s change it up. This year, instead of buying Sharon a pen with a unicorn on it - why not get her something she’ll actually enjoy! Check out my top Secret Santa picks that’ll boost office relations and won’t shred your bank account.



1. Books


Before you nag me about books being boring - you need to see what books I’m talking about. 


Do you remember ladybird books from when you were a kid? Well, ladybird have come out with a range of brilliant ADULT ladybird books which cover topics like ‘The Meeting’, ‘The Big Night Out’ and ‘The Mid-Life Crisis’. 


OR if you’re buying for the office nerd, let me suggest the ‘Be More’ series. If your boss is a nerd try ‘Be More Vader’ or if you’re buying for an orphan, try ‘Be More Batman’ (they’ve already ticked off step one).


While there are plenty of good novels out there for true bookworms, sometimes a smaller, sillier book is best. And I feel like Secret Santa is one of those sometimes. 



Just what everyone needs in these trying times


2. Mugs


I’ve worked in corporate jobs before - I know that the ultimate form of self expression in the office is the humble mug. Who has the coolest mug? What does their mug tell me about them? Did that person just throw their mug at their computer in frustration? 


The best part about the mug is that it’s PRACTICAL. Whether you’re buying for a coffee, tea or bourbon drinker, the mug is the perfect gift. 


In saying that - it’s best to grab a ‘fun’ mug if you’re doing secret santa. When your giftee opens their lil present in front of the whole team, you want to really wow them. A generic 'funny' mug? No. A mug thats shaped like a vinyl? YES!



Any musos in the crowd?


3. Decision Dice


Are you the kind of person that takes ages to decide what to get on UberEats? Do you struggle to come up with excuses to avoid going out? That’s what I thought (assuming you answered yes to both of those).


With so many choices needing to be made each day, the Decision Dice are the perfect little gift for anyone. Just choose an appropriate dice (as in, don’t give the Drinking dice to a child), and give it a roll. 



Finally, I'll be able to decide dinner in under 30 minutes


4. Self Care Stuff


Whether you love your job or you hate it - work is stressful. Deadlines, managers, the fact that I can't just stay in bed all day (still angry about that Eliot!) - this all piles up and can really put you in another place mentally. Thats why self care items can be fantastic secret santa gifts.


Self care is a pretty vague category, I know. But I'm suggesting things like sparkly bath bombs, relaxing DIY kits and mindfulness cards which will help your giftee take some time for themselves. And don't for a second think that bath bombs are just for ladies! I happen to really enjoy a sparkly bath - the glitter always stays in my fur which is very cool.



So sparkly! 🤩


5-9. Games


Of course I’m going to suggest games! There are actually some really good little games so I’m just going to chuck a mini guide in here:


Card Games - UNO, Phase 10, Five Crowns and Top Trumps are great little games for people who aren’t super into games yet 


Playing Cards - Honestly, a pack of decent playing cards can go a long way, especially if your giftee is a known poker fanatic


Huzzle Puzzles - Less of a game and more of a brain teaser, these gorgeous little metal puzzles would be PERFECT for the office dad


Exit the Game - The Exit series is a super solid set of escape-room-in-a-box type games which range from easy to brain-numbing. They’re quite addicting too so this could set you up for years of birthdays and Chirstmasses


Trivia Card Games - There are a bunch of trivia style games like Name the Emoji and Totally 90s Trivia which are great little ice-breakers and perfect to have in the office for slow days (read ‘days you dont want to be there)


10. Polyhedral Dice


Look. If you know that your giftee plays any sort of roleplaying game - you cannot go wrong with dice. As a Level 6 Tiefling Rogue, I can tell you now that any roleplayer appreciates dice. Additionally, they probably really like talking about the fact that they are into roleplaying games and opening a set of dice at the office party will give them an opportunity to talk about it.



All hail the glittery math rocks!


At the end of the day, Secret Santas are just a bit of fun to boost office morale during a super busy time of year - no one expects to get anything they really really want. But hopefully with a list like this, you’ll be able to make someone's day just a little brighter!

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