Baxter's Top Ten Outdoor Games

I think we're kinda lucky here in New Zealand to have a Summer Christmas. BBQs at the beach, outdoor cricket and the smell of sunscreen - it really feels a lot more fun and festive to me than a cold snowy day inside. And because we get to spend some time outside over the holidays we need some solid outdoor games.

This year, give the gift of great summer fun with these top outdoor games!

Swing Ball


I think Poppy covered this one pretty well in her blog post about outdoor games but let me reiterate - Swing Ball is the best outdoor game hands down. Its the kind of game that you can lose yourself in for ages and its even better if you have an equally competitive opponent. 

For parents - swing ball is perfect if you have kids. But really, swing ball is great for all ages. The best part about this swingball set is you can play it anywhere too! You don't actually need solid ground to stab it into - just fill the base with water to keep it heavy and go for it.



Kubb (also known as Molkky or Finska) has really boomed in popularity this last year and it's not hard to see why. Its a great game for big groups of people and involves precisely throwing wooden blocks at other wooden blocks to take out the opposing team and CLAIM VICTORY.

Thats the best part about outdoor games is that most of them a simple wooden games but they really get everyone going! Your whole team will be cheering you on all over a block of wood!

Throw Throw Burrito Extreme


I've talked about Throw Throw Burrito before and the Extreme Outdoor version really kicks it up a notch. Forget playing this at the table - head to the backyard with these massive blow up burritos and start a burrito war!

It plays exactly the same as the regular version but you do have a much larger projectile to avoid. Your neighbours might be a little concerned when they see your family throwing massive burritos at eachother - so heads up. 

Pool Toys


If you are one of those fancy people who has a pool - can I come over? But also, why not make pool time a bit more fun with some pool toys! Get your volleyball on with this inflatable volleyball net or have watergun fights on these awesome inflatable planes with water gun mounts. There are NOT just for children okay - it just really fun to pretend i'm doing zoomies in a fighter jet.

For those of you without a pool, there are some great blow-up alternatives for when the sun is shining and you just need to cool down. I especially like this one because it looks a bit like a hot tub and its fun to pretend to have a hot tub.

Ninja Obstacle Course


Okay so this one actually is for kids - I read the weight limit. But if I had this as a kid I would have been ECSTATIC! 

This pack comes with agility rings, crawl stakes, jumping sacks and more to create a totally epic outdoor obstacle course. A definite step up from the empty tin cans and dowel rods I had as a kid.



Disceez are truly the best frisbees around. They're soft so they dont hurt if you get hit in the head with one, they fly like nothing else, and they're super cheap so you can buy a bunch and just go hard at your local park! 

Theres also the Duncan Boomerang which flies like a dream but it DOES take a little more finesse to get right. Lets say its the professional version of the Disceez. 



Petanque, boules, bocce - whatever you call it this classic ball tossing game is an absolute summer classic for all ages.

When I was growing up every family had a petanque set (and the fancy folks had an area in their backyard specifically to play too). So if you DON'T have a set, make sure you grab one now before you go on holiday. They pack up really easy and are perfect for camping, bach trips or just your backyard at home. Just watch out as your grandma petanques like a pro.

Upside Down Challenge


Another more kid-friendly option, Upside Down Challenge is is a hilarious outdoor game of navigation and totally wacked out vision! 

Just pop in the goggles and try to make it through the obstacles as quickly and correctly as possible - it's much harder than it looks though...

Ring Toss

Ring toss is great. It's super simple and great for all ages. You'll be surprised at how competitive people get when all you're doing is throwing rings over stakes.

You might say...the STAKES are higher than you think 😆

Giant Games


As a pretty small dude - pretty much every game is giant to me. HOWEVER I'm talking about those GIANT outdoor games that make even the tallest of humans go 'damn thats big!'

I honestly love anything that is either way too small or way too big - it's just fun right? Which is what makes these games so fun!

Try your hand at a HUGE version of Jenga or watch a trial of giant dominoes topple over. Oh and don't even get me started on massive outdoor Chess and Checkers - got me feeling like Ron Weasley over here.


WELL that's my top picks for outdoor fun this summer. Just don't forget to SLIP SLOP SLAP AND WRAP - gotta keep yourself safe when you're having fun.

Ka kite whānau! xx

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