Baxter's Top Ten Novelty Gifts

Do you have those really hard to buy for people in your life? The ones that have everything they want and need? In that case - you need a novelty gift.

Sometimes something silly and dumb is the perfect gift - you don't always need to grab something practical. And thats where these bits and bobs come in.

For this list I'm going to split it into games and other novelty stuff because there are a few ridiculous games I want to mention that are just really fun to play!

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza


Taco Cat is Snap on steroids. Its fun and fast and the art is actually adorable. Its also small and easy to pop in a stocking or slip into the game shelf.

They've actually released a couple different editions themed around Christmas and Birthdays so this can be a great gift all year round.

My only advice - please cut your claws. Otherwise this game becomes proper dangerous!

Throw Throw Burrito


It's not often that I would recommend throwing food at your friends - but here I shall make an exception. 

Throw Throw Burrito is just as ridiculous as it sounds and yes you DO actually throw burritos. Although luckily, they're soft foam burritos and not the hot delicious kind filled with meat and cheese.

The best part is that Throw Throw Burrito is a genuinely great game too - not just a novelty to have on the shelf. It's a fiercely competitive, fast paced card based game with - and this is real - burrito wars.

Oh and they also released Throw Throw Avocado which is great for the millennial in your life.

Food Games


While I was browsing the shelves for some good additions to this list, I noticed we have a bunch of food based games. And then I got hungry and ordered a sandwich.  And then I thought 'Wow, a food themed game would be great for a hungry boi like me' so here we are.

There are a bunch of really colourful food games like Food Who, Hungry Hockey and Four in a Dough BUT my very favourite is You Gauc Served. Its table tennis but the paddles look like avocados and the ball looks like the avocado seed - it's all very cute! I think it's also worth mentioning that table tennis is the only tennis I can really play due to my stature - but man am I an ace on the court!

Pass the Pigs


Pass the Pigs is actually a pretty classic game and is super popular with like...five different versions available. But the idea of throwing Pigs in place of dice is a novelty in itself right?!

Pass the Pigs plays a little bit like Yahtzee except you're throwing pigs instead of dice. Tiny little plastic pigs (or massive blow up pigs if you prefer), not the mud-covered meaty kind. I know it sounds strange but it's actually really fun!

Oh and they recently release Pass the PUGS! COULD IT GET ANY BETTER THAN PUGS?!



I've spent a lot of time on Instagram lately and if I've learned anything its that Cats are our overlords. Seriously, every second video seems to be of cats dancing or getting treats or whatever and man I'm so sad I wasn't born just a little higher up the evolutionary chain. 

But because of that, Cat themed gifts are an absolute win. Whether your giftee loves cats or hates them - I bet a cat themed gift will at LEAST get a giggle.

My personal recommendation would be these two books: Please Stop Touching Me And Other Haikus By Cats and How To Argue With A Cat. Not only are these titles ridiculous and totally worth a giggle (please mind the paw marks if you purchase one), they actually look really good on the bookcase too and lets be real - a book is SO easy to wrap.

Novelty Mugs and Glasses


I think that the best part about novelty mugs and glasses is that, even if you're getting one that's a really strange shape (I'm looking at you Pickle Mug!), its still useful. You can still drink out of it or put pens in it or make one of those quick and easy mug cakes. 

And, as I mentioned in my secret santa blog, mugs are a great way to show personality. There's plant pot mugs for the gardeners, gamer mugs for...well gamers, and huge oversized wine glasses for the wine mums.

My favourite one though (hint hint) is the stemless 'Cloud Wine' glass because yeah, its a novelty glass, but it's actually adorable and comes with a little cloud to sit it on! Ugh, maybe I should just buy it for myself now - I NEED IT.

Pool Toys


Here's the thing, if you know someone who has a pool and you want to swim in it (because boy oh boy it is getting hotter already) - what better low-key way to get them to invite you over than by getting them a fun novelty pool toy!

There's some really cool ones like the Man Eating Shark pool float or the big delicious Cheeseburger tube (man I really need to order lunch). OR - because we're getting into cocktail season, these tiny beverage boats that are just little pool floats for your drinks! Damn I love mini versions of things!

Kitchen Gadgets


Another great and actually useful novelty gift - kitchen gadgets. These are perfect for your foodie friends and will help tone down their very monotone, fancy kitchen. I'm not jealous, I'm just threatened by a full matching set of appliances.

Honestly though, I cannot poach eggs for the life of me so this very cute Turtle Egg poacher would be perfect. And since spiralised vegetables are STILL all the rage, this jellyfish spiraliser would make a very on-trend gift. And ultimately, I don't think you can go wrong with animal shaped gifts. Everyone loves animals! They're so cute and fluffy. Like me. Because I'm an animal.

Tiny Hands

Look, this is a list of novelty items and I will include the tiny hands because they are ridiculous and hilarious and are absolutely useless but I laugh EVERY. SINGLE. TIME someone comes at me with them.

Make a tiktok with them, express yourself with them, smack your partners butt with them (consensually). Actually, scratch that last one. Because they're so small the butt smacks actually do hurt a little. Not that I tried it of course.


Especially when buying for adults, it can be difficult finding the perfect gift. But sometimes you don't need the perfect gift. Sometimes just a novelty toy or game that's fun for a few hours is exactly what the moment calls for. At the end of the day, you buy someone a novelty gift to give them a laugh and there is no better gift than laughter.

Happy Gifting folks xx

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