Baxter's Top Ten Games for Teens

Teens. They're angsty, weird and downright terrifying sometimes 😅 So if you're trying to buy something for a teen it can be a bit of a minefield right? Well, ya boy Baxter's here to give you a couple top games that we think (most) teens will really enjoy! And...we'll it keeps them off social media so it's gotta be good.

1. Exploding Kittens


Exploding Kittens is always hard to explain to people because IT'S NOT AS BAD AS IT SOUNDS! Seriously. What is IS is a great beginner-friendly party game full of tension and laughs and we think it's a great place to start for teens. Its got dumb humour and great illustrations and doesn't take itself too seriously so a big tick from us!

2. Poetry for Neanderthals

I've always described Poetry for Neanderthals as 'Articulate but way more fun'. It's got the same word describing mechanic as Articulate BUT you can only use one-syllable words. Sounds unassuming...but oh man it makes things a whole lot harder and a whole lot more hilarious. The best part is that it comes with an inflatable bat so you can thwack the speaker if they use a word that's more than one-syllable. We don't condone violence here at Game Kings but it just makes the game so much more fun. And it totally doesn't hurt. We've tried. 

3. Throw Throw Burrito

You might look at Throw Throw Burrito and think 'um, is this even a game?'. Can confirm - yes. Throw Throw Burrito is actually a card game that just HAPPENS to include soft burritos that you throw at other players. Honestly, it's a pretty great game that's really easy to learn and the dodgeball mechanic is just hilarious. It'll have you jumping out of the way and getting way more exercise than you ever thought you'd get with a card game.

4. Coup

Coup is the PERFECT entry into Social Deduction games. For clarification, Social Deduction games are games which focus on deception, lying and reading people and they're one of my personal favourite types of game! Coup is simple, easy to learn and quick to play. It's perfect for bigger groups and is an absolute hit at parties! I'd also recommend grabbing the Reformation expansion once you've had a couple games.

5. Telestrations

Telestrations is the perfect mix between Pictionary and Chinese Whispers and allows for heaps of creativity and mostly...just so many laughs. Honestly, it's one of those games where, the worse of an artist you are the more fun you're going to have. Trying to decipher eachother's doodles is hilarious and at the end everyone ends up with a ridiculous little comic of doodles and guesses. There's also an adults version if you're interested.

6. Codenames

Codenames is THE party game for bigger groups. Split into two teams and assign a spymaster for each team then use single word clues to get your team guessing the correct cards and NOT the other teams! It surprisingly difficult but if you've got a group of friends with inside jokes and references you're totally set! It's one of our favourite party games here at Game Kings and there's a bunch of different versions including Harry Potter and Disney.

7. Unstable Unicorns

Whenever I'm suggesting card games to newbies, I generally say that for a more casual game go Exploding Kittens. For a slightly higher level, strategic card game - it's Unstable Unicorns. It's a fantastic first game if you want to learn some basic card game mechanics like set collection and will set you up for bigger card games in the future. It's also SUPER adorable (it's unicorns, of course it's cute) and actually pretty funny too. 

8. King of Tokyo

I think some people avoid King of Tokyo because it looks...well a little childish to be honest. But I seriously cannot recommend it enough! Its a fantastic game of dice rolling, pushing your luck and Kaiju. It can be FIERCELY competitive as players fight to push each other out of the game before their own health goes to zero. It does have a variety of mechanics to learn but it's definitely beginner friendly and it's super easy to explain the rules to new players once you've had a game or two. HIGHLY recommend. 

9. Here to Slay

From the creators of Unstable Unicorns, Here to Slay adds a more high-fantasy, Dungeons & Dragons-esque twist with the same gorgeous illustrations but a few more rules. It's a great next step if your teen has played and enjoyed Unstable Unicorns as it builds on the mechanics of that game while adding some more interesting twists and turns. Also, it's a little more edgy and teens like that right? Is emo still a thing?

10. Pandemic

Pandemic is the board game for teens who maybe have already played the previous games and want to try something of a slightly higher level. Pandemic will take a little longer to learn but after one game you'll know what you're doing. It's also a co-operative game so players will have to work together to plan out their moves to get the most out of each round and prevent disease from spreading all over the board. Pandemic isn't an 'easy' game but it's a genuinely great game. Seriously, it's one of our most popular games!

If your teen thinks board games are 'lame' or 'boring' try one of these and see what they think afterwards. I think they'll be surprised at how much fun yelling one-syllable words and fighting Kaiju can be fun - and anything that get's them off  'the Tiktoks' has got to be good for them!

Either way, I hope this list if useful for you guys!

Much aroha,
Baxter xx

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