Baxter's Top Gifts for Roleplayers

Do you have roleplayers in your life? A dab hand at Dungeons and Dragons? A Cypher superstar? Then man have I got some gift ideas for you.

Basically, this is my personal wishlist (Poppy helped); but roleplayers really are pretty easy to buy for!



So much power in these babies!

Of course the first thing is dice and thats because they’re easy, affordable and there are SO many variants. You could choose some that are you giftees favourite colour. Maybe a set based on their characters race or class. Or you could just go all out and buy some really fancy dice that any roleplayer would love! 

Seriously. Roleplayers can’t have too much dice. I have friends who literally bring ziplock bags full of dice to our sessions. 



You may have seen these little plastic figurines before and wondered ‘What on earth is that?!’ Well, they’re roleplaying miniatures - little dudes that you use to show where your characters are in relation to each other when playing tabletop rpgs.  

Now not every group uses minis, especially now that a lot of groups are playing over the internet through Zoom or Discord - but a mini of your giftees character is always a great gift. You could paint it yourself if you wanted it to be extra special but honestly - having a tiny version of your character that you’ve spent hours creating and sending on adventures’s very heartwarming to say the least. 

Oh and there are blind box minis for certain campaigns that are really fun because you have no idea which mini you'll get! some kinda idea but you know - still a surprise!

Maps and Mats

Like I said, there are plenty of groups who are doing long-distance roleplaying at the moment BUT for those who are able to meet in person, battle maps and mats are a great option. 

Because tabletop rpgs are generally played out through speaking (and some written notes etc), it can be hard to grasp what kind of environment you’re playing in. The game master can say you’re in a swamp but unless they’re really talented storytellers it can be difficult to imagine the ‘haggard tree to your left and large marsh in front of you’. Please note that I’m not trying to dunk on game masters, that is a HARD job and any resources to make that job easier are always welcome. 



You know ya boi on that Dungeons & Dragons  

What is roleplaying without a story! Obviously your giftee might enjoy making up their own worlds and rules but roleplaying books can be super handy and can provide a bunch of inspiration.  

There are a huge range of books from game master and player guides, resource books full of different monsters and NPCs and full on campaign books which will make it super easy for the game master to guide the players through a fully fleshed out story. 

Especially if you’re buying for a newbie, books like the D&D Player's Handbook and the Numenera Starter Set are great places to learn the basic mechanics and get a good understanding of how the game works.

Also you NEED to check out Animal Adventures - its a new RPG where all the characters are cats and dogs and the start set comes with little minis of each character! VERY CUTE!


See, roleplayers are super easy to buy for and - as I always say - when in doubt...dice.

Ka kite āno fam xx

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