Baxter's Top Gifts for Hobbyists

Alright. Let’s get into the real nerd territory (obviously I say ‘nerd’ with love, I am the mascot for a board game shop after all). Now when I say ‘Hobbyist’ I mean someone who plays tabletop games and has a big collection - they know what they want and they buy it. So what can you possibly gift someone who already has all the games they want?

Answer - accessories. Well mostly anyway, I have some other suggestions. But seriously - add-on’s and accessories for games they already own is a surefire way to ace your gift-giving. So here we go!

Add-Ons and Expansions

Hands down the best Catan expansion...just sayin

Expansions are obvious right. You’re buying for someone who has Catan...well do they have Catan - Cities & Knights? That friend who LOVEs they have The Wind Gambit? Pretty much every big, popular game has a number of great expansions that can be added to the base game to increase the amount of content, add new mechanics and/or prettify the game. 

Separate to expansions are add-ons which include things like the Scythe Modular board which doesn’t actually add any NEW content but it does increase the size of the board exponentially. Or there's stuff like the Gloomhaven Removable Stickers which make the maps a bit more flexible. Hell, even a new stack of Yahtzee score cards can be a great gift for someone who just can’t get enough of Yahtzee and has run out of them!

Card Sleeves


Anyone that plays games a lot knows the cards go through some rough treatment - especially the cards in your favourite, most played games. That’s where card sleeves come in.

Card sleeves are protective, thin plastic sleeves that you slot your cards in to keep them looking fresh game after game. There are sleeves of all sizes so there is always a size to fit the game. I would highly recommend visiting Sleeve Your Games too to check exactly what size you should be picking up. 

Deck Boxes


Similar to card sleeves, deck boxes are a great way to keep your cards safe whether they’re sleeved or not. 

This is a great option for games which actually have really nice cards. For example, Wingspan (and actually a lot of Stonemaier games) have a nice linen finish and it can be a lot nicer to play with them un-sleeved - well that’s my experience anyway. 

Deck boxes are also PERFECT for anyone who’s into trading card games. No matter how big your giftees collection is there's bound to be a box to fit the collection safe and stylish 

Box Inserts

Snug as a bug in a box!

If you don’t play games much yourself, you might not understand the frustration that is packing up a board game after a session. While most boxes come with a basic insert, these often fall a bit flat and don’t provide the organisation that a special box insert can.

Folded Space are a great, budget friendly way to keep your games organised and they have a HUGE range which spans a tonne of super popular games.

However, if you want to go premium you totally need to check out Laserox. These beautiful, laser cut wooden inserts just look SO good plus they offer a bunch of great non-specific accessories. Speaking of…

General Accessories


Okay that sounds vague but let me explain. There are a bunch of great, more general accessories that can be used with a wide variety of games. Things like dice towers, card shufflers and game meters can all make great gifts, especially if you don’t know exactly what games you giftee has because these can be used with almost any game! Trust me when I say that a dice tower has improved a LOT of my gaming experiences. 

Upgraded Components

A lot of publishers and some third party retailers now sell upgraded components for games which can REALLY level up the gaming experience. A great example is the Scythe Realistic Resources which take the original, plain tokens and replace them with gorgeous sculpted, painted minis which represent the resources much better. There are also a bunch of games which use cardboard tokens like Wingspan so the Laserox Wingspan Tokens are a great way to refresh the game and bring the food tokens to life



And there you have it, some simple gifts for even the most well-stocked gamer in your life!

Personally I would love to receive ANY of these so yknow...I really hope your giftee will too haha

Until next time team xx

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