Baxter's Top 10 Games For Kids

Now I don't have pups kids of my own but I do have plenty of kids to buy for this Christmas. And seeing as Christmas is THE holiday for kids, I need to make them decent gifts.

Therefore, I thought i'd put a list together for you to help you out during the silly season - I really hope that these arent only popular in fox circles...


TākaroOkay I don't mean to brag but I think we made a pretty good game with Tākaro. Its fun, easy to learn and EDUCATIONAL! And don't think that means boring because Tākaro is super fast paced with players often asking for another round. As an immigrant, I have found Tākaro so useful for learning the beautiful Māori language and I've definitely found myself slipping these kupu into casual conversation - I feel so smart 😎



I promise not all of these games are educational (not that thats a bad thing!) but Bananagrams is another really fun, fast paced game that takes no time to learn. Its like Scrabble except its actually enjoyable and you don't feel super dumb when you're playing against your mum who for some reason knows words like 'aa' and 'ae'. These are not real words mum!

 The Genius Square


It's funny, I think this sounds like the most educational game on the list and like...I guess it's great for logical thinking. But mostly, The Genius Square is just SO competitive and exciting to play which is why I will be buying a few copies this Christmas. Its a fierce 2 player game where you race against your opponent to fill the grid but it is much harder than it sounds. Again, it takes two minutes to set up, learn and then get started. As for how long the game takes to play...that depends on the players.


You really can't go wrong with Jenga. Its hilarious, tactile, and everyone already knows how to play! Theres a reason this game has been a solid classic forever.

Jungle Speed


Okay so I had never heard of this game until very recently and it has been a game changer! Its a great party game for 2-10 players and trust me when I say you'll wanna cut your claws before you play because you will be grabbing at the big wooden...thing...super fast! It's a lot like snap in that you have to wait for a matching pair and then snatch the wooden thing as fast as you can. MANY hours of laughter with this one.

Rubiks Race


Rubiks Race is a bit like Genius Square - another crazy competitive game for 2 players. This time - you have to create the image on the Rubik's blocks as fast a you can by sliding around the coloured tiles and slamming down the frame to win! It's honestly so much fun and another game that you can sink hours into if you can find a willing opponent to handle all the losses you'll be dishing out. Hehe

Top Trumps - Minecraft


So really, all the Top Trumps are great for kids (and adults mind you), and there are so many different versions to choose from. But I think I'd be doing a disservice if I made a list of great kids games without mentioning Minecraft - its like crack for kids! Its a simple and fun card game where one player chooses the 'trump' for a round and players compete to win the trump by having the highest level stat. It's almost like a really beginner level trading card game...without the trading.

Happy Salmon


Happy Salmon is another game I hadn't really heard of until recently buts its SO much fun. A great party game for up to 6 kids and/or adults - its full of high fives, slappin', switchin' cards and more. A warning to adults playing with kids - make sure you reign it in on the high fives or you WILL send the kid flying. Or maybe I'm just super strong...




Kingdomino is especially cool because it looks like a really proper board game y'know. It has that allure of 'whoa real board game! I'm a real board gamer now' and it makes the kids feel a bit more grown up. In reality, Kingdomino is a super easy game to play and, as the name may suggest, is glorified dominoes. Honestly though - I still play this game with my young adult friends and we really enjoy it so really its a win win for you and whatever kid you're buying it for!

Monopoly Junior



I love Monopoly, but I totally get that its not really a game that I can play with kids - I would DECIMATE THEM. So setting the kids up with Monopoly Junior is a much better way to give them the experience of Monopoly without all the tears. Also, the pieces are so cute! I'm not a kid but I think they're so much better than the normal pieces.


I might be a bit out of touch with the kids these days but I genuinely believe that games are great for getting kids off the technology and hanging out with the fam. These games in particular are sure to be absolute HITS if they get unwrapped this Christmas and it'll make prepping the roast a lot easier if they're busy high fiving eachother and giggling away in the next room.

If you're looking for more gift ideas, make sure you check out the Game Kings Gift Guide - we're pretty happy with how it turned out and we hope you guys will find it useful this silly season 😊

Meri Kirihimete whānau xx

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