Baxter’s Top 10 Halloween Board Games

Hey hey folks!  It’s that time of year again, Halloween is fast approaching and while the state of recent events may leave a big question mark over the possibility of trick or treating  this year, at the very least you can be sure of having plenty of spooky themed board games to choose from if you’re stuck at home.  Here are my picks for the best games to play on Halloween! 


10. Unmatched: Cobble & Fog

Unmatched is an amazing duelling game where players pick their favourite character from popular culture, legend or myth and see how they fare against other mismatched characters.  The Unmatched: Cobble & Fog edition is particularly thematic for Halloween as it features characters most befitting the spooky season.  Dracula, Jekyll and Hyde, The Invisible Man and Sherlock Holmes make up the roster here along with a double sided game board so you can battle it out on the foggy streets of Victorian Soho or maneuver around the secret passages of a mysterious mansion. Select your fighter and see if you have the mettle to take down your foes.


9. Gloom

What could sum up Halloween better than this Addams’ Familyesque foray into misery and despair.  Gloom is a card game using transparent cards to layer gloom and doom upon your hapless family members.  The player with the most miserable family member before the character passes into the great beyond at the end of the evening wins! Featuring an array of odd, creepy characters, Gloom is a great game for a Halloween themed game night, at about 60 minutes play time, it can make for a great opener or closer to an evening. 


8. Arkham Horror 3rd Edition

Aaaaand, we’re back in the world of Cthulhu again, only this time the scale has moved from a single mansion to the greater township of Arkham, a place just aching for a poor Yelp review!  In Arkham Horror our determined investigators are up to their familiar tricks, exploring the town, putting down threats from other worlds and doing their damndest to save the world, one elder sign at a time. This third edition of the game offers a more streamlined approach than the previous editions while remaining true to the series’ roots.  Will you succeed in keeping the horrors at bay?


7. Zombicide Black Plague

The Zombicide series has found a great deal of success in a world positively overflowing with zombie based IPs.  Players are survivors during one of the world’s seemingly endless zombie apocalypses,  Players must search for weapons and equipment, avoid making sound, fulfil scenario objectives and battle increasingly numerous zombie hordes.  One of the best entries in the series is Zombicide Black Plague, the medieval fantasy setting using the base mechanics of the original game with a few updated revisions to the rules.  Experiencing a zombie apocalypse in a sword and sorcery setting is a thrill, with knights, wizards and other fantasy tropes on display, battling the undead has never felt more satisfying.


6. Betrayal Legacy

Betrayal Legacy takes the best elements of Betrayal at House on the Hill and combines it with the finest systems the legacy genre of games has to offer, resulting in a thrilling multi-game narrative driven story spanning decades.  The game allows players to play the same character at increasing ages across the years or even descendants of previous characters. Story points left open from a previous game will have repercussions in the future and the decisions made by characters will carry weighty consequences.  Experience the terror, tension and thrills of Betrayal Legacy with your gaming group on Halloween night!


5. One Night - Ultimate Werewolf

Looking for a more social element to your Halloween gaming experience?  One Night - Ultimate Werewolf can deliver! Supporting 3-10 players, this social deduction game is destined to become a future classic.  Players are villagers in a small town plagued by 1-2 werewolves. Using only what they can deduce from conversions, questioning and social cues, they must root out the werewolf without accusing an innocent and condemning them to death.  A little dark? Sure, it’s Halloween after all, but the game is all in good fun and one of the better hidden traitor games you’ll find.


4. Nemesis

What’s this? Nemesis featuring on another list?  Is there anything this game can’t do? Nope! For a more in depth look at what Nemesis has to offer, check out Brian’s full review here.  If you prefer the TLDR version, Nemesis is tense, terrifying and the perfect game for an evening of thrills, backstabbing and cosmic terror! Ideal as a solo game or with a group of friends, Nemesis will have you questioning your every move!


3. Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition

If you’re in the mood for a little Lovecraftian horror this Halloween, Mansions of Madness definitely deserves a seat at your table, or perhaps just the table itself will do.  While it appears to be a miniatures heavy game at first glance the real threat comes from that which you cannot see. Investigating unseen horrors, solving murders and closing tears in the fabric of reality to prevent the erasure of everything we know and love are just a few of the adventures that await you! Select your favourite investigator, gather your items and delve into the world of Cthulhu!


2. The Hunger

In Richard Garfield's latest game, The Hunger, players are vampires competing to become the most powerful and notorious vampire in the land while returning home to the sanctuary of their shared castle before sunrise.  The Hunger is a deck building game, so players are aiming to increase the power of their deck and claim the most victims, adding to their power, but the catch is, the. more you've fed, the slower you become.  The game offers both rookie mode and elder mode play, the first being fitting for player's introduction to the game while elder mode assumes more experience to play. Players draw three cards on their turn and must play them all. The player furthest from the castle goes first, so there is seldom the chance for a runaway player to secure victory.  The game's theme is perfect for Halloween, allowing gamers to bring new meaning to the term tick or treating!

1. Horrified

This final entry on the list is a game that seems purpose made for Halloween gaming!  Horrified has players exploring a small town plagued by the classic silver screen monsters from the Universal cinematic universe.  The wolf-man, Dracula, the Creature from the Black Lagoon and more rear their stereotyped heads to face off against the players.  Can you defeat them before the horror overwhelms you? This cooperative adventure game will put your wits to the test!

Thee we have it folks!  I hope you’ve found a game or two here to thrill and entertain this Halloween season.  If your favourite didn’t make the list, being the internet, I’m sure you’ll point my error in a calm a rational tone in the comments below, or you can bellow at the community over on the Game Kings Gamers group (just kidding they’re a great bunch of people, treat them nice!).  See you next week!


P.S. A special Baxter shout out to my eldest pup for the inspiration for this week's list!

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